• Please choose number of guests
  • Adults 18+ years
  • Children 5-11 years

Room Amenities

Hand-Crafted Soaps & Shampoos
Nearby Showers / Towels
High Speed Internet
Nearby Restrooms
Large Deck / Chairs
Electricity / Lamp
Fire Pit / Wood
Air Conditioner

Room Description

Overlooking the wild and scenic Delaware River and located on the semi-secluded North Lawn of the Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort, Shawnee Riverside Glamping is for guests who desire a luxurious outdoor retreat with the freedom to come and go as you please. These glamping tents feature one queen bed and one daybed, and a private deck overlooking the beautiful Delaware River. Includes a canoe trip, breakfast in the River Room, and a recreation attendant to assist with fire making and to provide the materials for s’mores!

See the night sky from the convenience of your tent with our new Stargazing Tents! Heating – every tent comes equipped with it’s own personal heater. Air Conditioning – every tent comes equipped with it’s own personal air conditioning units.

Glamping guests can also take advantage of any of our on-site amenities.

Be prepared! We’ve put together a suggested packing list and frequently asked questions.

Room Overview







Frequently Asked Questions:

Each glamping tent will include electricity, Wi-Fi, mini-fridge, a Queen-sized bed, a day bed that can act as a couch or can be used as a bed for a third and fourth person.  The tent also includes side tables, a lamp, alarm clock, air conditioner, heater, area rugs, four chairs for your deck, a table, fire pit, wood) and a beautiful 20 x 20 deck with a stunning view of the Delaware River.

Shawnee Riverside Glamping offers a communal setting. There may be another family and/or individuals on the neighboring glamping site at the same time. Tents are set-up in close proximity to each other (probably 10 – 12 feet between tents).

Leave your phone on vibrate. If you are going to answer it, walk to the edge of the campsite. It may be important to you, but no one else wants their socializing (or sleep) interrupted. Be respectful. Respect people. Respect their culture. Respect their space. Respect their belongings. Introduce yourself. A polite greeting and introduction go a long way to creating a fun environment. Be quiet. Just use your common sense here, just be considerate of people who may be trying to sleep.

For Riverside Glamping check-in is 4:00 pm and check-out is 11:00 am.

Besides overnight accommodations in your riverside glamping tent, is a canoe trip with Shawnee River Trips, a Recreation attendant to help start your campfire and deliver you the necessary items to make s’mores! Breakfast in the River Room Restaurant is also included in your stay.

Bring clothes appropriate for the activities you plan to partake in, examples can include change of clothes, sneakers (that may get wet) or water shoes, hiking boots, sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray, and a hat. Optional items include a camera, flashlight, binoculars, swim suit, and swim towel, and an outdoor adventurous attitude. Click here for a complete list of suggested items to bring.

Shawnee Riverside Glamping site is within walking distance of the main resort.  Guests may come and go as they please by foot or bellman transport.

Shawnee Riverside Glamping is come and go as you please. Access to your glamping tent is fully available during the duration of your stay.  There are locks for the front of your tent and lock boxes provided for any valuables you may want to secure.

Each of the Riverside Glamping tents has their own individual outdoor firepit.

Smoking is not permitted in our tents, bathroom facilities, or fire pit areas. We recommend that all guests refrain from smoking while on the glamping trip.

Because Shawnee Glamping is a communal experience, pets are not permitted.

Limited electricity will be available to operate the lights provided and to charge a mobile device for Shawnee Glamping.

Being outdoors means that sometimes we are at the mercy of Mother Nature. If there is rain, Shawnee Glamping will continue as planned. If there is severe weather (thunder, lightning, and high winds), guests may reschedule or if accommodations are available within the resort, guests may move into those spaces. The tents being used for Shawnee Glamping are specially designed to withstand rain and to remain dry. The tent will be able to be closed in the front to prevent water from entering.

There is no age requirement for Shawnee Riverside Glamping.

Shawnee Riverside Glamping now includes breakfast in the River Room Restaurant, and all the makings for s’mores are provided in the evening for your campfire.

The bathroom facilities available for Shawnee Riverside Glamping are separate men’s and women’s toilets and sinks, complete with plumbing. These are located directly adjacent to the glamping site connected to the Shawnee River Trip’s Base.

Yes, Shawnee Riverside Glamping has showers available in the men’s and women’s locker rooms at the Shawnee Inn. Towels, soap, and shampoo will be provided.

Shawnee Riverside Glamping requires no minimum for stays. A single tent may be reserved at any time in the glamping season.

You may cancel up to 48 hours of your booking date with no fee charged. Any cancellation 48 hours or less from the arrival date will result in a charge for one night’s stay.

On any outdoor adventure you may encounter situations that are precarious.  You may encounter spiders, mosquitoes, ticks, and other insects. Please plan to bring bug spray. Our staff will provide items to assist keeping bugs away, but remember, you are in nature.  This area of Pennsylvania frequently sees deer, river otters, raccoons, squirrels, fox, coyote, bears, and others of Mother Nature’s kingdom. We strongly believe that these animals want nothing to do with you, just as much as you want nothing to do with them. Safety first. Do not go on a hike alone. Take a lantern or flashlight with you in the dark. Please do not touch or feed the animals.