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Laura and Scott's Wedding

June 18, 2011

How we met...

Scott and Laura met on the 10th floor of Lord and Taylor. They were both striving to further their fashion careers and found each other sharing a cubicle wall. Scott would forward all the customer complaints to Laura that he could (typical Scott move). When Laura caught on she began to wonder about this Scott guy (cute, smart, good sense of humor). Scott took Laura out to dinner as a friendly gesture on her birthday and they dated from then on. Laura eventually transferred departments and left the state for a different career. For 2 1/2 years Scott and Laura had a long distance relationship (PA to NYC). The couple then decided to take a risk, move in together and actually be in the same state. They moved to Hawaii and the rest is tropical history.

Wedding Party...

Matron of Honor
Heidi Chandler: friend of the bride

Mandy Laubach: sister-in-law of bride
Kerin Graham Hoffman: cousin of bride
Jennifer Bricker: friend of bride
Regina Matozzo: friend of bride
Best Man
Edward Escudero: brother of groom

Josh Escudero: brother of groom
Jarrett Laubach: brother of bride
Brandon Spencer: friend of groom
Nick Nass: friend of groom


Rehearsal Info...

Rehearsal Party Date:
Friday, June 17, 2011

Rehearsal Party Time:
7:30 pm

Rehearsal Party Location:
Everyone invited to the wedding is also invited to the Barbeque!

Shawnee Inn, Front Lawn, River Sanctuary, Pavilion

The rehearsal party will be casual/resort attire (e.g. guys: khaki pants/dress shorts and a polo/button down shirt; ladies: sundress or pants and a nice top) as per the Shawnee. Please no denim or t-shirts. Dress sandals are acceptable, but rubber flip-flops are not.

Bed Bath and Beyond
Pier 1 Imports*

Engagement story...

The morning of Laura's birthday, Scott took Laura to Sea Life Park (this is where the movie 50 First Dates with Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore was filmed). They got to pet/dance with the dolphins and then explore the amazing park (penguins, sea turtles, sharks, sea lions, etc.)!

On the way home, they headed over to their favorite blow-hole (yep...laugh it up) "Spitting Caves". This is a hidden local spot where the water rushes into a cave and spits it back out with tremendous force making a beautiful scene. Scott and Laura like to sit on the wind/sea-eroded rocks above the cave and watch the sunset over the ocean. Scott had brought a bottle of wine to "celebrate Laura's birthday". After the wine was popped, Scott popped the question! What a perfect day to ask such an important question...5 years after their very first date. Yes, Scott got down on one knee and pulled out an amazing ring. Scott is now stuck with Laura forever!

Bride's Info...

Name: Laura Beth Laubach
Hometown: Bethlehem, PA

Laura graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in business. After exploring the fashion industry and learning how important men's socks can be in ones life, she decided to change careers and got a Masters in SpEd with dual cert in SpEd and ElEd from Lehigh University. Laura is now a Special Education teacher, currently at Pauoa Elementary in Hawaii, teaching pre-K SpEd.

In her free time, Laura enjoys hiking, relaxing on the beach, checking out the sea turtles and movie nights with Scott and Wookie (our cat).

Groom's Info...

Name: Scott Michael Escudero
Hometown: Watertown, NY

Scott graduated from the University at Albany with a degree in business. Scott is a Buyer in the fashion industry and currently works for Crazy Shirts in Hawaii. Scott enjoys pina coladas and getting caught in the rain...err, uh...skiing, surfing, boogie boarding, snorkeling, hiking, and riding his motorcycle.

Wedding Ceremony...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The ceremony will be held at the River Sanctuary, located on the Grand Lawn of The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort at 4:00 pm.

The cocktail party will be from 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm and held outside on the North Veranda of The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort.

The dinner reception will begin at 6:30 pm in the Worthington Ballroom of The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort.


Additional Information...

A limited block of rooms have been reserved for the Laubach/Escudero wedding at The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort for Friday (June 17, 2011) and Saturday (June 18, 2011). Don't forget to mention the couples' name when booking, call 1-800-SHAWNEE 0800-742-9633).

Following the reception, guests are welcome to continue the festivities in The River Room Piano Bar and Lounge at The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort.

We encourage you to explore the website for information on accommodations, spa treatments, golf, local attractions, and other fun activities. For great ideas on things to do at Shawnee, click here.

*Pier 1 Imports: Although bridal registry is no longer available, the bride and groom are planning on purchasing tableware and such, so gift cards are welcome.