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Kristen and Derek's Wedding

Saturday, July 26th, 2014

Kayak at Shawnee River Trips

How We Met...

Derek and Kristin met each other at a local bar through friends while playing darts. Every time Kristin won, which was
often, Derek had to buy her a drink. They were instantly attracted to each other, but were both in relationships. Fast
forward 3 years, both being newly single, Derek asked Kristin out on a date. They met up for drinks, and Derek asked
Kristin to be his girlfriend that same night in June of 2007. Derek and Kristin became best friends, fell in love and bought a house together in 2011. The rest is history.

Brides Info

Kristin Casullo

Metuchen, NJ

Kristin graduated from Dominican College in New York with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. She currently is the Director of Sales & Marketing for Sunrise Senior Living. Kristin enjoys kayaking, hiking, skiing, spending time with her family and friends, and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Grooms Info

Derek Jimenez

Edison, NJ

Derek attended Lincoln Technical School for HVAC and is currently employed as a Carpenter for the past 13 years. Derek enjoys fishing, camping, kayaking, hanging with the boys, and watching the New York Giants.


Friday, July 25th, 2014

The rehearsal will be at 6:00 pm on the front lawn of The Shawnee Inn. Dinner to follow at the River Santuary pavilion on the Grand Lawn.

Registry Information:
Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Engagement Story...

Their story began when Derek asked Kristin to go hiking with him the following day to Sunfish Pond, one of the seven
natural wonders of New Jersey. Kristin said yes and of course ran out of the house to buy new hiking boots. Kristin kept asking Derek if she could pack wine to bring with them on their hike. Derek told her no and simply stated that it was too dangerous of a hike. They arrived at Worthingon State Park, and began their 2 hour hike to Sunfish Pond. It was a beautiful autumn day and all the leaves on the trees had changed colors. About an hour into the hike, Derek pointed out The Shawnee Inn in the distance. Kristin and Derek had previously picked the Shawnee Inn as a perfect location to have a wedding some day.

They finally made it to Sunfish pond and were blown away by the breath taking view. Derek pulled out a blanket and made them a spot on the rocks to sit. They enjoyed watching the glider planes that kept circling in the sky. Kristin offered Derek a gronola bar for energy, but Derek said he has something better. He pulled out a picnic lunch and Kristin just smiled. She had been asking Derek to have a picnic with her for 7 years. Kristin was touched and then even happier when Derek brought out the wine he had packed for them. Kristin laughed and gave Derek a kiss. After lunch, Derek was about to pop the question, when 2 men sat down right near them. Derek was getting more nervous as the time went on because Kristin was now cuddling with him. He had the ring box in his coat pocket and was worried that she would feel it. The men finally left and Derek was extremely anxious. He told Kristin that he loved her and for the first time ever, he told her he was in love with her. He got down on one knee with the water and mountains in the background, and asked her, "will you marry me?".

Rafting with Shawnee River Trips

The Wedding...

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The ceremony will be held at 4 pm on the front lawn of The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort. In the event of rain, the ceremony will be held in the River Sanctuary pavilion on the Grand Lawn.

Cocktail hour will be held at the River Sanctuary pavilion on the Grand Lawn of The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort following the ceremony from 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

The reception will be held at 6:00 pm in the Worthington Ballroom, located on the first floor of The Shawnee Inn.

Wedding Party...

Maid of Honor:
Kerri West, sister of bride
Michele Casullo, sister of bride

Priya Rathee, friend of bride
Kimmy Kooistra, friend of bride
Quyen Phan, friend of bride

Junior Bridesmaid:
Kayla West, niece of bride

Flower Girl:
Ashley West, niece of bride
Samantha Dewacker, relative of bride

Best Man:
Brooks Jimenez, brother of groom

Chris West, brother-in-law of bride
Howard Hester, friend of groom
Dennis Fatjo, friend of groom
Clyde Ferris, friend of groom

Ring Bearer:
Mason DeWacker, relative of bride

Additional Information...

The ceremony will be held outside on the front lawn. Ladies may want to wear wedge style shoes or flats. Please bring an umbrella in the event of rain for the walk to the pavilion. Please call 1-800-SHAWNEE (1-800-742-9633) for overnight hotel accommodations. There is a 2-night minimum. If looking for 1 night accommodations, contact the bride or groom directly for additional options in the area.