Our Bride & Grooms

Our Bride & Grooms

Imagine your wedding day with these personal wedding pages and our wedding events calendar listed at the Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort located in Shawnee on Delaware, PA.

  • We met 5 years ago at Metuchen Golf and Country Club. I was a server and Oliver had just become the Executive Chef. Let's just say we didn't get along so well for that first year that we met. Somehow a year or so later, we ended up in my dining room talking until the early morning hours and it we've been together ever since. Read More
  • Chris and Crystal first met at East Stroudsburg University where they both shared some of the same friends. They attended many of the same parties, functions, and regularly passed each other around campus not knowing they were destined for each other. Chris and Crystal always had similar interests in sports and music but it wasn't until they both attended a Phish concert at Starlake Pavilion in Burgettstown, PA on June 18th 2009 that they started dating. Read More
  • Amy spotted Rick on match.com. He said he was looking for a girl with 'an enchanting charm' and a 'fearless heart.' He said he wanted a 'Jersey girl', who didn't fit the typical 'Jersey girl' stereotype. He didn't know it at the time, but he was really looking for a California girl!! Read More
  • The first day of the spring semester at Bloomsburg University, we were both looking for our psychology class in a brand new building we had never been in before. We found each other, among other freshman, looking for the same class. We led a gaggle of freshman throughout the building looking for our classroom before our professor finally found us. We sat in separate seats, but definitely noticed each other. Read More
  • We originally met his brother's graudation party but Brandon didn't notice me (he still had a girlfriend). We officially met when his sister, Kelly, told Brandon that I found him attractive and arranged for us to meet at Muffin's birthday party. We met at Shannon Rose after I went sky diving for another friend's birthday. Read More
  • We met through a family friend of Michael's and a coworker of mine, LeeAnn Beckmann who is also now a Jacobi. =) Read More
  • Jonathan and I met about 8 years ago while I was working at Rita's Italian Ice. We had many mutual friends and always had little crushes on each other, but never realized it until 4 years later. Read More
  • Gabriel and Nancy got talking and before she left, she gave him her phone number. The next day, he called and they talked for over an hour before she finally asked if he wanted to meet for a drink. They went to Cheesecake Factory to find it really crowded and ended up having a nice conversation at T.G.I.Friday's. Gabriel asked Nancy to take her on a real date on February 15th to Raw downtown. She accepted. Read More
  • It was the Fall of 2003 when Jenna received a clinical assignment at Ursinus College (Bob's school). With Jenna working in the athletic training office at Ursinus and Bob playing football, it was only a matter of time until fate took over and Jenna was invited to a party at the Wawa house. During the party, Bob came over and introduced himself to Jenna and sparks flew. We hung out all night and have basically been inseparable since! Read More
  • When we first met it was in high school back in the day. I was a BAND GEEK and Danny made fun of me BADLY! It all changed when years went by, we saw each other at a restaurant and laughed about the awful teasing and bullying. An apology was given, along with my phone number, and then the rest is history! Read More
  • I had a crush on Angel all through High School; little did I know that he felt the same way about me. It all started at my 19th birthday party that a friend threw for me at her home. Angel was not going to attend until a friend told him that in was in my honor, His exact words were "I'll be there in 5 minutes" and we have been inseparable ever since. Read More
  • Trenching through the snow and walking along the towering hemlocks, Erik called Kim over to look at "something" when Kim looked down there was a big stone he'd carved out "will you marry me" laying on the ground, and him kneeling with a pretty red box that contained a sparkling ring! They both will never forget that day. Read More
  • Amie and Michael met on MySpace to be friends, neither of them wanted a relationship, their first visit was on April 14, 2008 on a trip four wheeling on the forty mile run with other friends. Amie and Michael had such a great time and shared so many of the same interests they have been together ever since. Read More
  • Justin and I work for the same mental health agency. I remember seeing Justin when I came in for my interview and thinking how handsome he was! After a year of working together it was undeniable that we were meant to be together, so Justin and I have been inseparable ever since. Read More
  • Jordan and Gwen have known each other for about 8 years but have only been dating for about 4 of them. They met at their younger brothers' basketball games when the boys were in middle school (they are in college now!). There was a "crush" at first sight! They then became interested in more than just the basketball games! They remained friends for a few years and when the right time came along for both of them; they made it official. Read More
  • Derek and Kristin met each other at a local bar through friends while playing darts. Every time Kristin won, which was often, Derek had to buy her a drink. They were instantly attracted to each other, but were both in relationships. Fast forward 3 years, both being newly single, Derek asked Kristin out on a date. Read More
  • We met through Match.com and our first date was in May of '09. We met at a local restaurant and spend hours talking about things we shared in commonâÂ?¦we had both travelled to Europe in college, were athletes and now coaches, and love going to concerts. Read More
  • Kristopher and Kerianne knew each other from attending the same gym; however they were formally introduced by Kerianne's brother, Gary. Read More
  • Scott had brought a bottle of wine to "celebrate Laura's birthday". After the wine was popped, Scott popped the question! What a perfect day to ask such an important question...5 years after their very first date. Yes, Scott got down on one knee and pulled out an amazing ring. Scott is now stuck with Laura forever! Read More
  • We met early December 2006 when Derek was delivering a package at Alisa's job. Derek had walked into Professional Eye Associates where Alisa worked. One of Alisa's co-workers approached Derek and told him that Alisa thought he was cute. After Derek realized which girl Alisa was, he was interested in her as well, so he then asked Alisa for her number. Read More