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Shawnee Gift Cards (SGC)

Our gift cards can be used towards any of our accommodations, amenities, or merchandise.

All SGC are for a monetary value good towards accommodations, amenities, and/or restaurants here at The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort. Specific overnight packages cannot be purchased unless you know the exact dates of travel due to fluctuation of rates throughout the year. In which case, we would issue a hard copy paper gift certificate (not a card). We encourage our guests to buy gift cards over certificates as they are more flexible for our guest. SGC purchases will be accompanied with a letter that states the value of the card and also the recommended use. eg. "Mr. and Mrs. Smith have purchased you a $120 Shawnee Gift Card that they thought you would enjoy to put towards an overnight Golf Package. For current pricing, please call 1-800-SHAWNEE."

Theatre gift cards are not available at this time but gift certificates can be purchased. To buy theater certificates call the Shawnee Playhouse directly at 570-421-5093.