Our Top Picks

  • Great Recipes for Fun Free Picnic Areas

    Golden sun rays shining through the tall native hemlocks and butterflies bouncing from flower to flower. Hialeah Park is a quiet setting,... Read more

  • Bring Your Sweet Tooth!

    The 4th Annual Pocono Cupcake Challenge will be held on Sunday September 20th from noon to 3pm at The Historic Shawnee Inn. This is a family friendly event for a... Read more

  • The Smell of Garlic Fills the Air

    The Pocono Garlic Festival celebrates 21 years of Pocono Garlic this Labor Day weekend... Read more

  • High- Flyin' Adventure

    Looking for some outdoor activities of a more high-octane variety? Get your blood pumping with a walk through the trees?" literally! At Poconos TreeVentures, located less than fifteen minutes from the Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort, visitors are invited to head to the treetops to zip, climb, swing and jump across five different courses that range from easy to "watch your step." ... Read more