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  • A Craft Beer, Brewed with Nature in Mind, Now in Cans

    In a world of mass-production, ShawneeCraft products are handmade. In a world of homogeneity, ShawneeCraft products represent a defiant individuality.... Read more

  • Ladies and the Game of Golf

    Golf, "a men's game, a game your dad played with his buddies, a game your husband tries to fit in once a week with his friends". Believe it or not, unfortunately that is what 81% of the golf population is.... Read more

  • Join the Wolfpack

    Wolves are fascinating and majestic creatures. They live together in a pack, relying on each other and mating for life. But because they are so often misunderstood, cast in a negative light or decimated by hunters, they are on the endangered species list.... Read more