Our Top Picks

  • What To Bring On My First Ski Lesson

    Some helpful hints for hitting the slopes with Ben, the Assistant Ski School Director at Shawnee Mountain.... Read more

  • Winter Fun at Shawnee

    (No Snow Necessary) Celebrate the warmth! It seems like Mother Nature is giving us a break from the harsh cold and snowstorms for the rest of 2015. This December is begging you to go outside to enjoy our natural habitat and located right on the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, Shawnee is the perfect place to do just that. ... Read more

  • Guess What Month is Almost Here…

    Instead of hibernating this winter, take on a new and exciting hobby! Next month is National Learn to Ski month; what better time to learn how to ski? Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors.  Shawnee Mountain is a beginner friendly and family oriented mountain that is the perfect place to learn to ski this January.... Read more

  • View from the Vineyard

    When most people think of American vineyards, they usually picture California. But great vineyards can be found in unexpected places, like Mountain View Vineyard, nestled into the mountainside of Stroudsburg. ... Read more

  • Remembering What You Are Grateful For

    Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays and is the perfect day to remember what I'm grateful for. I think the best part about this holiday is the amount of food you can eat...... Read more

  • Haunted Hotel

    We usually don't talk about other hotels, but this hotel isn't like the others...this Halloween, we recommend guests check out the Hotel of Horror! While you can't book a stay at the abandoned Lake House Hotel, it's been converted into a thrilling haunted house, using cutting-edge audio and visual effects, as well as a talented cast of actors, to scare the pants off visitors.... Read more

  • Fall Foliage in the Pocono Mountains

    Many travel to the beautiful Pocono Mountains each fall to see the area painted and splashed... Read more

  • Last Strokes of the Season

    The summer may have come to an end, pumpkin flavor everything is already everywhere you turn. But here ... Read more

  • Discover Dingmans Falls

    If you want a pleasant walk through nature without all the sweating and sore legs, it's time to check out Dingmans Creek Trail. Part of the Delaware Water Gap Park, Dingmans Creek Trail is a very easy, part dirt-trail and part wooden walkway, so it's great if you're not in the mood for an intense hike.... Read more

  • Little Known Hiking Trails in the Poconos

    Whether you enjoy hiking for the exercise or for the sights.. you can find one for any taste just minutes from The Shawnee Inn. ... Read more

  • Great Recipes for Fun Free Picnic Areas

    Golden sun rays shining through the tall native hemlocks and butterflies bouncing from flower to flower. Hialeah Park is a quiet setting,... Read more

  • Bring Your Sweet Tooth!

    The 4th Annual Pocono Cupcake Challenge will be held on Sunday September 20th from noon to 3pm at The Historic Shawnee Inn. This is a family friendly event for a... Read more

  • The Smell of Garlic Fills the Air

    The Pocono Garlic Festival celebrates 21 years of Pocono Garlic this Labor Day weekend... Read more

  • High- Flyin' Adventure

    Looking for some outdoor activities of a more high-octane variety? Get your blood pumping with a walk through the trees?" literally! At Poconos TreeVentures, located less than fifteen minutes from the Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort, visitors are invited to head to the treetops to zip, climb, swing and jump across five different courses that range from easy to "watch your step." ... Read more

  • A Full Moon Paddle

    The water is calmer now, the sun just about set, and the warm air coming off the river gives you the comfort of the summer. ... Read more

  • Camping Gone Wild

    The historic Shawnee Inn Golf Resort has expanded its outdoor offerings to include a Shawnee Island Camping Experience... Read more

  • Experience the Tastes of Your Special Day

    With all the time, effort, and details that go into a wedding, one that some planning couples overlook is... Read more

  • In the Valley of the Vineyard

    Located just twenty minutes from the Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort, Sorrenti is not just a winery, it's a local institution, offering not just fabulous wine, but also tours, tastings, an outdoor park area and an attached pizzeria that serves sangria also made in-house.... Read more

  • A Craft Beer, Brewed with Nature in Mind, Now in Cans

    In a world of mass-production, ShawneeCraft products are handmade. In a world of homogeneity, ShawneeCraft products represent a defiant individuality.... Read more

  • Ladies and the Game of Golf

    Golf, "a men's game, a game your dad played with his buddies, a game your husband tries to fit in once a week with his friends". Believe it or not, unfortunately that is what 81% of the golf population is.... Read more

  • Join the Wolfpack

    Wolves are fascinating and majestic creatures. They live together in a pack, relying on each other and mating for life. But because they are so often misunderstood, cast in a negative light or decimated by hunters, they are on the endangered species list.... Read more

  • Eat Local at The Shawnee Market

    Local vendors come to sell fruits, vegetables, breads, baked goods, jams and jellies, syrups, and cheeses, just to name a few as well as artisan crafts, lotions, cosmetics, handmade pottery and much more.... Read more

  • Spa Shawnee and Salon is in Bloom

    The essence of tulips and dogwood drifts in the warm breeze and practically floats you into Spa Shawnee and Salon. ... Read more

  • The River has Thawed

    The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort has the distinct pleasure of being located in paradise. Surrounded on three sides by the 70,000 acre Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, the Wild and Scenic Delaware River... Read more

  • Bask in the Beauty of Bushkill Falls

    In the uplands of the Poconos Mountains, just a quick twenty minute trip from the Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort, is Bushkill Falls, a privately-operated national attraction, offering beautiful and well-manicured hiking trails.... Read more

  • Fly, Rod and Reel. Fishing at The Shawnee Inn

    The Shawnee Inn offers Shawnee Fishing Trips with an experienced and certified PABC/NPS Fishing Guide. These trips can be tailored to exceed the expectations of any fishing angler from novice to expert and the Spring... Read more

  • A Right To Marry, But Is Marriage Right For You?

    "Why get married, and why now?", a stirring question for many couples thinking about wedded matrimony, whether heterosexual or lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, or transgendered (LGBT). The decision is not as easy as portrayed in romantic comedies, but becomes even more difficult for many same-sex partners. ... Read more

  • Unique Practices Cooking Up at The Gem and Keystone Brewpub

    Dry and wet ingredients mixed in-house to create almost everything on our menu. Steaks cut by hand, dressings without... Read more

  • This is the Season for a Country Club Membership

    The benefits of memberships extend far beyond the greens and improving your game.... Read more

  • Stay and Play Golf

    There is no better time and place to enjoy a round of golf than springtime in the Pocono Mountains and Delaware Valley, where you can follow in the footsteps of golfing greats like Sam Snead, Walter Hagen and Arnold Palmer. ... Read more

  • Cleaning Up for a Cleaner Passage

    River Road provides it tenants with safe passage to paradise. Among the many bucolic stops along River Road is The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort. For the past twelve years,... Read more

  • Environmental Friendly Practices on our Course

    What do butterflies, The Shawnee Inn, and milkweed have in common? Shawnee's land management practices foster healthy milkweed growth leading to a strong local Monarch butterfly population.... Read more

  • Tapping Trees to make Maple Syrup

    A practice of tapping our own trees, drawing it's sap and making maple syrup right here on property coincides with The Shawnee's "green philosophy" ... Read more

  • St. Patty's Day, Extended

    Why let the St. Patrick's Day revelry end on the 17th? Here in the Pocono Mountains at The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort, the fun continues into St. Patrick's Weekend when we welcome the Curious Dog band to the ShawneeCraft Tap Room for a spirited evening of music, food and friends. ... Read more

  • Green Corporate Meeting

    So much depends upon a green corporate meeting. There is no interpretation required in that line. Your meetings are important. The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort's natural setting is important. So much depends on both in order to be successful. ... Read more

  • Golf is Around the Corner in Northeast Pa

    It may not seem like it right now, but believe it or not Spring is right around the corner and that means golf in northeast PA!... Read more

  • Headliner Horrors

    If you love great live theater (and laughs), you won't want to miss the Shawnee Playhouse's latest production: The Little Shop of Horrors. Now running through March 9, this classic theatrical comedy tells the tale of Seymour, a love-lorn floral assistant, who stumbles upon an exotic plant with a mysterious craving for flesh and blood.... Read more

  • Best Group Golf Destination

    One of the many benefits of choosing The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort for your next group golf outing is that we are experts in both golf and hospitality. ... Read more

  • Take your Business Meeting to the Brewery

    When your team calls for taking it a step further to dive into that out of box thinking consider the Shawneecraft Brewery for your meeting. Yes! A brewery.... Read more

  • Connecting at The Shawnee Inn

    Every year we are astounded with the way advancements in technology have further minimized the manner in which we communicate.... Read more

  • The Appeal of Midweek Weddings

    When it comes to wedding planning, midweek weddings are the key to finding where you can cut those ever piling up costs.... Read more

  • Take The Plunge

    This winter, store the skis and snowboards for at least a few hours and take the plunge - the Pocono Plunge.... Read more